“It has been an eye-opening and humbling experience to be a part of such a great organization that works to enable others to enhance the quality of their lives and to share in the promise and opportunity of our community. ” – Lori 

CAC’s ability to make a difference in lives within our community starts with you: the minds and voices, hearts and hands behind all we do. If you want to invest in a healthier community for all of us — in exceptional, comprehensive, consistent support to those who are struggling — it starts with an investment in our organization.

A gift to CAC is an investment in Howard County. Every action we take has a ripple effect — not just in an individual’s life, or on the future of a family, but on the well-being and health of our entire county. When resources and opportunities are widely available and easily accessible to all citizens, communities become more prosperous.

Philanthropy makes the difference between meeting needs and creating thriving communities.

Join us today, get involved.