Personal information is collected when you complete an online Universal Application or use e-mail to send us requested documents for eligibility verification. If you choose to use email to provide CAC-HC with personal or sensitive information by sending an e-mail, we will capture and securely store that information in our case management system. This information will not be shared with anyone outside of the agency unless needed to comply with requirements of federal, state, or county government grantor or funder, or if required by law. An e-mail exchange does not in itself establish a professional relationship between you and Community Action Council of Howard County.

If your e-mail communication explicitly or implicitly requires a response, CAC-HC will assume that a reply to the e- mail address from which it was sent is authorized. You assume responsibility for any accidental disclosures of personal information as a result of others having access to your e-mail account, including your employer. You should be aware that most employers have a policy noting that they are entitled to review office e-mail and you may have no right to privacy when using your company email address.

If you are currently a client of CAC-HC, you may use e-mail as a convenience for communicating with case management staff. However, we cannot guarantee that your e-mail will not be intercepted during transmission by a third-party. If you choose to provide personal or sensitive information via e-mail, upon receipt, we secure it and maintain confidentiality per relevant HIPAA, FERPA and COPPA guidelines.

If you choose to e-mail with comments, suggestions, or feedback regarding our site or our services, such information will be held as non-confidential to be used by CAC-HC for any purpose with the proviso that any personal information attached (such as name or e-mail address) will be stripped before use.