What is a Weatherization Assistance Program?

What is a Weatherization Assistance Program?

Weatherization Assistance Programs provide no-cost home upgrades that improve energy efficiency as well as indoor health and comfort. They help households save energy while improving indoor comfort.

In Maryland, Weatherization Assistance Programs run by CAC provide a range of services to income-eligible homes throughout the entire state, including Howard and Baltimore County.

How and Why Are These Programs No Cost?

The CAC’s Weatherization Assistance Programs are funded through grants from:

  • Department of Energy
  • EmPOWER Utility partners (BGE, Delmarva Power, FirstEnergy, Pepco, SMECO, or Washington Gas​)
  • Maryland Energy Administration

This allows eligible households to participate at no cost.

These programs are designed to help families and individuals make important home upgrades. By saving energy, weatherization makes houses and apartments buildings better for the environment, healthier, and more comfortable.

What’s Included in CAC’s Home Weatherization Assistance Programs?

Our services can include:

  1. Upgraded home insulation and air sealing to minimize heat loss and improve the energy efficiency of your home.
  2. Hot water system improvements to ensure you have a reliable and efficient hot water system.
  3. Lighting upgrades to help you save on your electricity bills.
  4. Heating and cooling system repair or replacement to guarantee your home is comfortable year-round.
  5. Health and safety upgrades that include the installation of smoke or CO detectors.

We work with qualified households to determine the services that best fit their needs.

How to Apply for a Weatherization Assistance Program

If you are income qualified, start by filling out our online intake form. Our team will review to see if a full weatherization assistance program application is necessary and to guide you through the next steps.

The CAC’s Weatherization Assistance Program is a resource for eligible homeowners and renters. You can improve the comfort, safety, and efficiency of your home at no cost to you! To start your journey, apply today.

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