The Summer Benefits of Weatherization

Lower Summer Electricity Bills

Keeping your energy bills low is essential, especially during the sweltering summer months when you need to run your AC. Here’s how weatherization can help you achieve energy efficiency:

Air Sealing

Closing holes that allow air in and out of your home prevents energy waste. With reduced energy waste, your AC can run less often, leading to lower electricity bills.


Proper insulation keeps indoor temps consistent, reducing the need to run your AC all day. Insulating your home’s attic, walls, and floors can slow heat gain and loss, leading to energy bill savings.

Energy Efficient Home Cooling

Replacing or repairing your air conditioning will lower your cooling bills as the result of more efficiency operation.

Create A More Comfortable Home

Our Maryland weatherization programs create more comfortable homes during hot summer days:

  • Air sealing and insulation keep the summer heat outside, so your home stays cool and comfortable
  • Weatherization upgrades can help prevent hot spots or rooms and floors in your home that get too warm in the afternoon
  • A properly functioning cooling system can keep your home cool and less humid in the summer

Increase Health and Safety in Your Home

Weatherization services prioritize your family’s health and safety in your home as well:

Healthier Air Quality and Reduced Allergies

Air sealing and insulation minimize the entry of outdoor allergens, such as pollen and dust, helping to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Newer or repaired heating and cooling equipment can also help filter our indoor pollutants.

Smoke Detector Installation

As part of our weatherization program, we provide smoke detectors to ensure early detection of fires and protect your household. Properly installed and maintained smoke detectors can save lives by providing early warning in case of a fire emergency.

Combustion Safety Checks for Heating Systems

When we weatherize a home, we inspect your heating system to ensure safe operation and prevent carbon monoxide (CO) leaks. Come heating season, we’ll help keep your home free from hazards associated with malfunctioning heating equipment.

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